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When people ask, “What do you do?"… we answer “Whatever it takes.”

Owners Sean Floyd and Miguel Alaniz


    When we started Highpoint Exteriors, we started with a vision to raise the bar in the roofing business with professional management, honest and ethical practices. We are bringing professionalism to a non professional industry.  

We pride ourselves in taking the time to educate Homeowners and Business Owners in the newest roofing technologies available. We strive to ensure our practices to be consistent with the name of our company both in character, conduct and roofing service. We believe an educated customer allows for better decision making when it comes to protecting their investment and home.

About Us

Highpoint Exteriors Roofing & Construction is blessed to have great employees. They are chosen based upon their skills, ability to work hard, and mirror Ownership’s commitment to customer service. They agree with the statement “we are committed to treating our clients like we would want to be treated.”

         Sean Floyd


         Miguel Alaniz



The Highpoint Exteriors Family!

Owner Miguel Alaniz and a happy homeowner



Definition: Steadfast adherence to moral & ethical principles; honesty; the ability to be authenticated; reliable; upright; genuine. The quality or condition of being whole or unimpaired.

A Highpoint Exteriors Roof will be the correct system using all of the newest technologies to date. We’re tired of seeing a “new bad roof" being installed in our industry without proper attention paid to customer education about what is really happening. Striving to maintain honest and ethical behavior in all our relationships is a hallmark of our company. Many roofing companies are putting the CUSTOMER at risk by committing insurance fraud with “we will eat your deductible” sale pitches. Remember: It’s a felony people!

Reaching for the highest degree of professional and financial management with “Service First” to back it up, combined with planning our work around a clearly communicating system and processes and setting expectations so we’re all on the same page is crucial to a successful roofing project. Evaluating our performance, practices and processes regularly means we stand behind our work. We love taking feedback from our customers while striving to give the best customer experience possible. Adjusting in order to provide our client’s with excellence in roofing installation, professional and courteous service at a reasonable price is at the heart of our value system.